Tech Startup – Time to Hunker Down

A time to cut costs and brace for a potential fund squeeze from investors

The headlines are sobering – an article from CNN says “The startup world is due for reckoning” , another one from Techcrunch says, “Plan for the worst, cut costs, extend your runway within 30 days: Y Combinator tells founders”. One way the companies are heeding the advice is by laying off workers. However, they face a conundrum that they still need to hire for their core technology needs. The question on the minds of CXO is that should they downsize the recruiting staff, if they do, who will hire for their niche roles. Would they have to rely on expensive third party staffing companies?



Hiring employees for low cost

Hiring employees is a complex, long, costly, risky and time consuming process. The hiring process is resource intensive. A lot of time goes into the recruitment process in order to find the best person for the job. A company can go through hundreds of applicants before finding someone suitable for their needs. The first step involves reaching out to individuals who have passed through an initial screening process (usually via an application form) and inviting them for a face-to-face interview at their offices or somewhere else convenient for both parties involved in this meeting event where they usually conduct several interviews simultaneously with different candidates at once so that they can compare notes between themselves afterwards regarding certain traits or skillsets which one may lack while lacking that quality altogether in another candidate being interviewed during each session; this helps narrow down potential candidates based on what employers feel are important attributes needed within such roles as well as how well each individual performs overall during these sessions based upon pre-set criteria established beforehand.

Low cost tech hiring solution

Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity and hire tech talent at a low cost. Hire the right people for your startup, reduce costs and save money on hiring.

Xpedian Talent has been helping Technology company for past 10 years in hiring their Technology Impact players. Xpedian has put all the learnings of these years to introduce a service that saves over 60% of cost on third party recruiting and over 30% cost on in-house recruiting. The best part is that the services can be dialed up or dialed down based on the need of the company. Another big differentiator is that hiring process puts the company in driver seat and substantially enhances candidate experience.


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