Unlocking The Potential of TALENT through Innovative staffing SOLUTIONS

We leverage our 15+ years of Talent Management experience and use of AI/ML technology to deliver the best tech talent

Our Services

Tailored Talent services for startups, small and medium size companies

Recruitment as a Service​

Recruitment as a service is a modern staffing solution that helps companies with their hiring needs by providing a complete end to end solution. Our fees start as low as $2999 per month*

Executive Search

Our executive search services provide tailored and personalized solutions to help companies find senior executives that aligns with their unique needs and goals.

Contract Staffing

Flexible contract staffing solutions to help you quickly ramp up or down your team, with access to highly qualified and pre-screened professionals.

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Reduce in-house hiring costs, eliminate Agency fees and hire faster

We are a revolutionary recruiting company that leverages AI/ML Technology to streamline the hiring process, enhance candidate quality and experience, and deliver significant cost savings.

Why Work With Us

Use of AI/ML

Our use of AI/ML technology allows us to match candidates with job requirements quickly and accurately. This technology improves candidate quality and the overall recruitment experience for our clients.

Technology Experience and Focus

Our founders have an extensive experience in the tech industry and have deep understanding of the tech hiring process, having worked as hiring managers in large tech companies. This allows us to better understand the specific needs and challenges of our clients and help deliver top talent to our clients. Trust us to be your technology staffing

Recruiting As a Service (RAAS) Model

Say goodby to high agency fees and hello to cost-effective hiring solution with Xpedian's RAAS. Hire upto 6 candidates at the cost of less than 1* and save upto 30% on executive search.

Client Testimonials

“I am always amazed by your ability to find candidates for niche roles in our department.”
“When you reached out to me I deliberately gave you an impossible search. You found us a candidate in two week for which we were struggling for 3 months”
Stealth Bio-signal Machine Learning Startup
“The ability to get a steady stream of qualified candidate for our needs is a game changer”

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